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Avoiding Work-From-Home Scams

While you're searching the web for legitimate programs and doing your best to avoid work-from-home scams, I recommend you visit these three sites first:

Better Business Bureau
The Federal Trade Commission
National Fraud Information Center

I think you'll be shocked, as I was, at the amount of help we have available to help us make good decisions and avoid work-from-home scams!  :)

Plus, I like to think - as moms - that we're smarter today.

After all, we've moved beyond envelope stuffing, medical billing, and product assembly ads. We all know these are well-known, work-from home scams that have been around for years!

However, the internet does make it easy for anyone - credible or not - to put up a web site with little effort and claim to be an authority. Internet business scams DO exist, so you need to be careful!

Do research online to avoid being a victim of work-from-home-scams!

Look at me, for example.

I'm not an "authority" on any of the subjects I discuss here at my site. I'm just a common, hard-working mom like you.

I started this site as a guide to help moms like you with your research, but there are lots of sites like mine, so what's the difference?

Not a lot, really. Or maybe there is.

I'll let you decide.

Here at Moms Work at Home...

*You won't be able to buy anything--nothing is for sale.

*You won't be distracted with Google ads--there are none.

*You'll always be able to contact me.
   I don't hide behind a PO Box or a fake identity.

*While I DO work a business and I'm proud of the company I represent, you'll NEVER hear me make income or product claims.

* If you search for this domain in the WhoIs directory, you'll see that Moms Work at Home is actually registered with and hosted on SBI servers. Why is that important? So you'll know that I'm serious and not just another one of these internet business scams. This site costs me money; it's not just sitting on a free server with a redirect domain pointed to it.

NOTE: Sometimes the who is directory is down, there's a glitch in the system, or the host servers do not send a response and this information becomes temporarily unavailable (as it was when I put up this page). If this happens, try again, or contact me and I'll provide proof for this statement.

Carefully check each site you visit. Is there a physical mailing address? Has the phone number been disconnected? Who is the site registered to? Take time and don't get in a hurry,  and you'll be less likely to fall prey to work-from-home scams.

*While this site does generate leads for me (a side benefit), that's not my primary focus. Moms who talk with me quickly learn that I never try to persuade them to start a business when they need to look for a job!

Remember, I established my source of income years ago - by traditional means - long before I ever came to the web. I don't rely on this site for my income because my company pays me well. Plus, they provide me with an awesome video site that's much better than this will ever be!

* You'll never see YouTube videos of me showing you my checks.

Do you know that's illegal to do?

Every legitimate company that's a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) is required to publish and display an Average Income Statement at every company company presentation. No other income claims are allowed to be made, by law.

So if you're looking at one of these companies, request that they show you this statement!

* I don't use the word "Christian" at this site. Why is that?

Because I see the word "Christian" being used so much as a marketing tool, and it actually makes me sick! When I see a page offering a "christian business opportunity" it means nothing to me. It's just another "red flag" that alerts me that this could be one of those work-from-home scams!

If you've visited my personal page, you know that I speak about being a Christian there...but you still don't know me. I can say anything and post fake pictures online to make you think I'm honest! While this is NOT the case, I'm only making the point that you need to be careful!

Hopefully this this information has been helpful to you!

Christina Dodson from Moms Work at Home


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